Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Le Monde Créole - Joel Pickford

Parlange Plantation

Julie de Ternant - Parlange Plantation

Slave Allee - Evergreen Plantation

Columns - Evergreen Plantation

Fountain - Evergreen Plantation

Interior - Evergreen Plantation

Branch - Slave Quarters - Evergreen Plantation

Breakfast Window - Evergreen Plantation

Since 1995, photographer Joel Pickford has been photographing the architecture, people and places of southern Louisiana. His series “Le Monde Creole” captures the unique beauty of the region. He is currently working on a documentary film “Bayou Blues: A Photographer’s Journey in South Louisiana.”


Janet said...

What a fantastic series! I am so enjoying all the things on your blog.

soodie :: said...

Pretty fantastic. Captures a distinct mood and entraps you in it. Love your posts!

Dale P.L. Chadwick said...

GENIUS. I love your work.

le style et la matière said...

beautiful pictures - makes me wish I were there. fascinating blog !