Monday, January 11, 2010

Inspirations - Peter Hone

With an eye towards Sir John Soane’s Museum, Peter Hone has filled his London flat with urns, busts and architectural fragments collected from his travels as one of England’s leading dealers of garden furniture and antiques.

A simple color palette prevents the visitor from being overwhelmed by the vast collection. Marble, Coade stone, alabaster and plaster mix with scrubbed floor boards to produce a pleasing effect.

To add a little architectural charm to your own home, visit Ben Pentreath Ltd. to purchase a fragment from Peter Hone’s collection.

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The Down East Dilettante said...

I seriously love old plaster casts, have bought them for years...unfortunately, I'm a dealer, not a collector, so I've never kept fact am deeply regretting a classical bas relief portrait of Daniel Webster sold to another blogger last summer. When I first saw Peter Hone's collection in World of Interiors, I had one of the worst attacks of object lust on record. Thanks for posting this. Wonderful.

little augury said...

I do love the light flooding in on the rooms. My first experience with Soane made me a believer. I enjoy your posts. Found you through your Gaston Callum post, he is a friend. pgt said...

Hello, read about it years ago, and every time i see that interior my heart is going faster :-)

Wonderful, thanks for sharing.


Michael Hampton said...

It is a room from my dreams!

Reggie Darling said...

Delightful interiors. I also saw them years ago WOI, from which I clipped it and sits in one of my scrapbooks. Marvelous to see more recent photos.

Reggie Darling said...

PS, somewhere in this interior is a wonderful Joseph Wright of Derby full-length portrait of a man that was, I believe, bought for a song many years ago. Lucky Mr. Hone.

the architecturalist said...

Down East Dilattante - I still have that issue of WoI. He's added so much since then that he had to have the ceiling reinforced to keep it from collapsing.

little augury - I was just watching one of Gaston Callum's videos on youtube. I'm always astounded by what he discovers. Would love to restore one of the houses someday. & Michael Hampton - glad you enjoyed it.

Reggie Darling - Lucky Mr. Hone indeed! There's a black frame to the left in the second photo, that may be the painting.
Somewhere I have an old issue of World of Interiors with his country house. Much different, but equally as interesting. I'll see if I can find it and put up the photos.

columnist said...

How extraordinary! I've visited Soane's house in London, but with this larger space Hone's room looks less oppressive.